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The Advantages of Light Commercial Vehicle Electrification

Electrify Your Business:
For a Sustainable and Green Future

Every day, light commercial vehicles deliver merchandise from A to B within a city. They ensure that orders from, e.g., Amazon reach the consumer as quickly as possible. Due to their high CO2 emissions, however, there is a risk that they will soon no longer be allowed to enter cities, which would interrupt or unnecessarily complicate delivery routes. Electrification makes sense to mitigate this risk and enable worry-free delivery. You can count on our expert support.


The Challenges of LCV Electrification

No access to cities due to CO2 guidelines

Ensuring mobility and flexibility in urban and rural areas

Enabling payloads comparable to those of combustion engines

Lack of experience, transparency, and low availability

Limited packaging space

Loss of range

Our Solution for Your Business

We offer you everything you need for the electrification of LCVs out of one hand: battery, thermal management, and an expert at your side. Our battery enables a high payload for your van and makes it flexible in use. The batteries can simply be installed in an existing LCV instead of the combustion engine. Thanks to our modular system, you can choose the number of battery packs (400/800 V voltage level). Our Vehicle Interface Box makes integration into the vehicle straightforward and uncomplicated.


Standard Battery System for Commercial Vehicles

With our standard battery system you get the best of both worlds: You benefit from the price and quality of a mass product as well as from the accurate fit of a customized solution. Thanks to its modular, scalable and geometric design and its high stability, our standard battery system is suitable for a wide range of vehicles of all kinds.


Your Advantages with Us as Your Partner at a Glance:

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The Webasto battery system provides peace of mind knowing the research and development have already been made to ensure a safe and reliable product. Combined with the price advantages of mass production and global leadership to provide state-of-the-art vehicle components, we built a turn-key system including modular battery packs, power distribution unit (VIB) for scalability, thermal management for the batteries (eBTM) and comfort management for passenger space (heating & cooling).

Robust & Durable Housing

An LCV is designed for long-term use - and so is our battery. That is why it comes in a robust housing, which is not only shockproof but also waterproof and thoroughly tested - you do not need to design for additional protection.

Consistent Thermal Management for Optimal Performance

With our Thermal Management solutions, either plug-n-play or integrated, we not only increase the range up to 25 % of the vehicle but also the battery life cycle ensuring you optimal battery performance.

Highest Quality & Safety

We guarantee the best performance through the highest safety and quality standards. Our systems are extensively tested in-house, including corrosion and leak tests, temperature shock tests, and vibration tests.

Fast & Easy Access

Developing a battery will take too long? With our standard battery, you not only avoid the development time and costs, you are also assured of certification throughout Europe on top. You can get started with the electrification of your vehicles right away.

Reliable Support & Service

Do you need expert knowledge? We offer you more than just our products. We are at your side every step of the way. Our experts advise you right from the outset and integrate our solution perfectly into your existing system. Our Customer Service is available to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Set off into a green future now - with us at your side.

Why You Should Choose Webasto

We do not only offer you highly professional production, in-house testing, prototyping, and simulation, but also an expert partner at your side.


In addition, our battery packs are already tested and certified - and all of this to the highest safety and quality standards. Benefit from our future-proof battery solution and set off with us today into a green and sustainable future.

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