The Future of Mobility: Powered by Webasto

Green and clean is the future. We are committed to working with our automotive partners to help them achieve their environmental goals first. With over 90 years of automotive expertise and a sustainable vision we are the perfect partner. Webasto has developed a modular, scalable battery system perfect for a wide variety of applications. Our high-quality, high-performance and high-safety battery products enable a secure and long-term investment into a green mobility.


Charged With Experience: Our Product Portfolio

Traction Battery Packs and Accessories

Our CV Standard Battery System is designed for any type of commercial vehicle. The modular plug-and-play functionality reduces complexity and cost during integration.


Power Cycling & Test Systems

Our Power Cycling and Test Systems are used for a wide range of testing, charging and development activities associated with advanced batteries, fuel cells, ultra capacitors, hybrid energy systems, motors, generators, uninterruptible power systems, and powertrain components. View our Application Guide to find the right solution for you.

Battery Cooling Solutions

Our stand-alone Battery Thermal Management Unit ensures optimal functioning of water-cooled battery packs used in electrical commercial vehicles and ensures ideal battery cell performance over the long term.


Complete Thermal Management Solutions

Webasto capitalizes on its decades of experience to design a best in class integrated thermal management system for electric vehicles. Our complete system competence integrates new technologies and components to guarantee consistent and optimum temperatures for passengers, batteries, powertrain and power electronics. 

Ideal for Any Vehicle

Ground Support Equipment

Construction Machines

Municipal Vehicles

Electrify Your Business Now


Interested in a complete thermal management solution? Great, let’s plan it together from scratch. Partner with us to build the perfect solution for your vehicles specific need.

New E-Mobility

Moving forward is how Webasto has stayed relevant in the automotive industry for over 90 years. Our team is looking forward to partnering with you to help you navigate through this new, innovative channel of opportunity. 


Redesigning traditional combustion engine vehicles into an electric vehicle comes with insurmountable list of challenges. The Webasto team took this challenge head on & has developed the safest, complete system on the market. Join us to design the perfect total system for your vehicles. 

Performance That Lasts for Over 90 Years

Our solutions are engineered for long-lasting performance. 90 years of experience in the automotive industry is reflected in the design of our batteries. We didn't want to manufacture just another battery. Our goal was to develop the best battery. We are committed to becoming the leading supplier of batteries for vehicles.


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