Our Customers Around the World

Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. sources battery solution from Webasto

Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. (“Zeus”), a severe-duty, all-electric vocational truck manufacturer, sourced Webasto for its scalable battery system, battery thermal management, and holistic power distribution unit as a turnkey system for their vehicles.

Dual Channel 900 Test System Takes Buckeye Bullet from Lab to Speedway

Widely regarded as the global benchmark for high-power testing, the 900 (CE) is ideal for testing and emulating energy storage and drivetrain components of electric and hybrid electric vehicles –precisely what the OSU team needed.

100 % Webasto Power - Discover our Reference Projects

We are a long-term and experienced partner for our customers and are delighted about our growing customer base. We would like to show you a few of our partnerships and projects in the field of electrification. 


Zero Motorcycles turns to the MT-30 for Battery Testing

Improving the batteries that go into their bikes was critical to Zero. Webasto’s MT-30 gives Zero the ability to conduct thorough battery lifecycle testing, running the batteries through a variety of tests to determine their performance over time and in real-world conditions – something they were not able to do before.

Spiers New Technology Supporting 4R Test Services with the ABC-150

ABC-150 has been a primary power cycling system since the beginning of the EV resurgence, having been originally developed to support the design and development of the GM Impact’s drivetrain and subsystems.

Lohr relies on battery systems from Webasto

Starting in October 2021, the French transport company Lohr will launch Cristal, the all-electric modular shuttle system, in four cities in France. The vehicles will be powered by batteries from Webasto, one of the 100 largest suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide.

Fully Electric City Bus e-Kent C

Turkey’s leading bus manufacturer Otokar has taken yet another step in the direction of an emission-free future with its twelve-meter-long passenger bus. The company is relying on batteries from Webasto, one of the world’s 100 top automotive suppliers, to power the bus.


Electrifying Municipal Vehicles

The first product Green-G is launching on the market - with support from us - is a fully electric light truck. In developing this commercial vehicle, Green-G focused on the needs of service companies such as gardening businesses, municipalities, and transport companies.


Electric Climber on Steep Terrain

Jeep has now introduced an emission-free vehicle that takes environmental responsibility and performance – both on and off the road – to an entirely new level. We are proud to be part of this project as a reliable partner for the battery system. 


Emission-Free Airports with Goldhofer

Goldhofer, a manufacturer of vehicles for heavy-duty and special-transport purposes, is electrifying its products in the field of ground support equipment. 


Conversion to CO2-Neutral Bus With CM Fluids

Webasto, one of the world's 100 largest suppliers to the automotive industry, and CM Fluids, a start-up from the biogas industry, have successfully converted a diesel-powered bus into an innovative carbon-neutral hybrid vehicle with a gas-powered engine and backup battery.