Our Service Approach

Partnership in Every Aspect: We Are Your Trusted Partner on the Path to Electrification

We are more than just a battery supplier. We will be there for you at every step of product development on the path to electrification. Our experts will support you and answer any questions you have at any point.


Planning Phase

During the planning phase, we take a close look at your requirements for your vehicle and support you in simulating the perfect application. 

Project Phase

In the project phase we support you with our technical expertise and additional services e.g. integration support, technical trainings and on-site support.

End of Life Phase

We take on responsibility for the environment and actively work with various initiatives e.g. to reduce our carbon footprint in our sustainable battery production. 

System Requirements in Every Aspect: Our System Simulation

Thanks to our system simulation, we can provide you with the best advice even before project implementation. We can offer you a comprehensive simulation of your system, including battery configuration, environmental conditions and operating strategies. This means we can offer you a system tailored to your needs – ideal for your specific application, including battery and vehicle heating and cooling systems. 


Technical Advice in Every Aspect: Development and Commissioning

Once you have opted for our battery system, we will support you in integrating your custom system into the vehicle. But much more than that, you will also have access to our technical experts with all their knowledge of electrification who will answer any open questions you might have. After integration, we will review the application jointly with you and approve the vehicle for commissioning.


Expertise in Every Aspect: Our Technical Training for Your Company

The battery is the core of the vehicle and also the most complex and expensive component of an electric vehicle. This is why our battery experts provide both technical product training and sales-specific training on our standard battery system, sharing our knowledge and enabling you to build up internal expertise.


Support in Every Aspect: Our Professional Customer Service

We will always be there for you, even once your vehicles are in operation. Should you have questions or a technical issue, you can always contact our customer service at any time. They will then take care of your request as soon as possible.


Technical Support in Every Aspect: Our On-Site Support

Our experts are ready to support you at all times should technical issues arise. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, our Field Application Engineers (FAEs) will come to your location to find a good, fast solution.


Covered in Every Aspect: Our Guarantee Plus

We believe in our battery and therefore provide a guarantee tailored to your solution over and above the normal warranty. This gives you optimal protection against battery failure or capacity loss.


Sustainability in Every Aspect: Our Sustainable Battery Production

Our modern Webasto plant in the Regensburg district is a pioneer when it comes to sustainability. The plant produces up to 40,000 battery systems a year using only green electricity. Since last fall, we have had our own photovoltaic system on the roof, with an area half the size of a soccer field. With an output of 750 kWh, our battery production facility will be supplied with up to 100% of its energy from this system. The issue of battery recycling is also very important to Webasto, which is why we are using our own batteries to build a battery storage system with a capacity of 1 MWh with more than 500 2nd life battery modules. This is our way of moving towards a green and sustainable future.