HVH 50 / 70 / 100

High Voltage Heaters for Electric Vehicles

Heating Solution with over 95% Energy Efficiency

The electric High Voltage Heater (HVH) is the ideal heating system for plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV). It converts DC electric power into heat with practically no losses.


Innovative Heating Layer Technology

The HVH heating element, just 0.6 mm thin and 200 cm² in size, consists of a complex layer system and is firmly bonded to the heat exchanger. That is how almost loss-free, rapid conversion of electrical power to heat is achieved.


The maximum in energy efficiency and the small installation space requirement substantiate the superiority of the heating layer principle over widely prevailing technologies on the market that result in reduced performance when coolant temperatures go up. Another advantage of the heating layer technology: As opposed to PTC elements, it does not use rare earths.

Available with 5, 7 and 10 kW Heating Output

Addressing different customer requirements the proven HVH technology is available in 3 variants:


HVH 50 Gen 1.5 with heating output of 5 kW

HVH 70 Gen 1.5 with heating output of 7 kW

HVH 100 with heating output of 10 kW

  • Constant Heat Output
  • Precise Adjustment
  • Direct and Fast Heat Transfer
  • Linear Heat Output

Constant Heat Output

The power of the HVH is constant and independent of the coolant temperature or operating voltage.

Webasto technology

  • Almost 100% heat output
  • For complete coolant medium temperature range
  • Independent of voltage level

PTC technology

  • Loss of heat output
  • At higher coolant medium temperatures
  • At higher voltage levels

Precise Adjustment

The heating layer of the HVH is rapidly and precisely adjustable. It avoids interfering short-term power spikes and converts them directly into heat – a clear advantage over PTC heaters.

Direct and Fast Heat Transfer

The HVH does not produce inrush current and supports thus a stable system – no peaks will occur which may damage other electrical components. The battery lifetime is therefore increased thanks to best operating conditions.

Linear Heat Output

The HVH can be controlled seamlessly in 50 or 100 W steps, which guarantees that almoust no energy is wasted. The heaters achieve full performance immediately, this means extremely fast heat-up of the coolant and thus best comfort. The heat output of HVH heaters can be controlled exactly as needed – which brings a fast heat-up for passengers and gentle conditioning of battery systems.

Multi-level Safety Concept

To avoid injuries to people and damage to surrounding components, multilevel, redundant safety measures have been integrated into the hard and software as well as into the mechanism of the HVH.


Thanks to the type approval and CE conformity, Webasto HVH is compliant with the international vehicle standards. Redundant safety measures are implemented, such as SPICE Level 2 software design and Hardware design in accordance with ISO26262.


  • Coolant outlet temperature
  • Coolant inlet temperature
  • PCB temperature
  • Overheating sensor
  • High voltage current sensor

Additional safety measures

  • Galvanic separation between low and high voltage
  • Sensor layer monitoring the whole heat layer
  • Switches to provide a redundant switch-off

Protects the Battery From Power Peaks

The Webasto HVH featuring the heating layer technology is capable of creating an effective balance of the high voltage circuit. Thanks to its characteristics with rapid and particularly precise adjustability, the heating layer can absorb short-term power spikes, converting them directly into heat – a clear advantage over PTC heaters.


Unique is the active discharge support function of the HVH 100, that reduce the discharge time of the complete high voltage circuit to milliseconds.

Wide Voltage Range up to 870 Volts

The HVH 50/70 Gen 1.5 high voltage range is 100 - 490 Volts, which fits perfectly most electrical passenger cars. 


The HVH 100 delivers up to 10 kW heating power and works with voltages up to 870 V, needed by many commercial vehicles such as busses, trucks and LCV.

Fast and Flexible Installation

The compact design of the HVH and its low weight of only 2 / 2.6 kg allow for flexible installation positions in the engine compartment. To also enable particularly fast and easy Plug & Play installation in series production, all connections are located on one side of the device.


HVH 50 Gen 1.5HVH 70 Gen 1.5HVH 100
Heating performance (kW)
HV voltage range DC (V)
100 – 490100 – 490250 – 870
Efficiency (%)
> 95> 95> 95
Controllability steps (W)
Dimensions (mm)
284 x 200 x 54284 x 200 x 54325 x 200 x 72
Weight (kg)
Temperature range for heating (°C)
-40 to 90-40 to 90-40 to 90
Temperature range for ambient (°C)
-40 to 125-40 to 125-40 to 125
LIN 2.1LIN 2.1LIN 2.1
Passive discharge (V) according to ISO 6469-3.3.
< 60 in 4 Sec< 60 in 4 Sec< 60 in 40 Sec*
Dielectric strength (V DC)
IP protection class
IP 6K9K IP 6K7IP 6K9K IP 6K7IP 6K9K IP 6K7
HV connection
NV connection
LV FEP connector 8 PIN integrated de-aerating membraneLV FEP connector 8 PIN integrated de-aerating membraneLV FEP connector 8 PIN integrated de-aerating membrane
Electrical safety
ISO 6469 Part 3 / ECE R100ISO 6469 Part 3 / ECE R100ISO 6469 Part 3 / ECE R100
Functional safety
According to ISO 26262According to ISO 26262According to ISO 26262
ECE R10 Rev. 5ECE R10 Rev. 5ECE R10 Rev. 5
Insulation resistance (MΩ)
Service life
15 years or 12,000 heating hours15 years or 12,000 heating hours15 years or 12,000 heating hours


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