Power Cycling & Test Systems

The Standard for Advanced Testing

Our Power Cycling and Test Systems are used for a wide range of testing, charging and development activities associated with advanced batteries, fuel cells, ultra capacitors, hybrid energy systems, motors, generators, uninterruptible power systems, and powertrain components.

With a full power range (+/-5kW to +/-1MW) of bi-directional DC equipment, our Power Cycling and Test Systems can handle virtually any DC supply or load requirement. In addition, Webasto systems can emulate any drivetrain component, enabling the testing of individual components or partial drivetrains accurately and realistically, allowing true hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Our equipment provides unparalleled reliability and up-time – our original equipment is still in use after 30 years of service.

Product Overview

Advanced High Power Test System

900 EX: Dynamic. Accurate. Scalable.

The 900 EX is the most advanced high power test system for use in testing and emulating a wide variety of active and passive loads. Test faster and more efficiently with more predictive results.

The 900 EX is ideal for testing and emulating energy storage and drive train components of large electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The increased performance (rise time/slew rate) and increased accuracy make the 900 EX ideal for applications like Heavy Industrial (ships, trains, trucks, and planes), Military (hybrid drives and aircraft launch systems), Power Electronics (Solar Panels, Inverters), and Hardware in the loop testing. Digital controls protect critical systems and components, and the system can self-adjust to external environmental events like unstable power sources. The bi-directional system can operate at ± 250kW, or combined, it can scale to ±1MW. The 900 EX, with LCD touchscreen display, is an intelligent system that will give you the accuracy, speed, and control to add value to your tests.

Supports standard EV tests including: FUDS, SFUDS, GSFUDS, DST, and ECE-15L.

      • Electric & hybrid drive trains
      • Inverters
      • Train & rail propulsion
      • Aircraft & aerospace propulsion
      • Boating & marine propulsion
      • Solar
      • Energy storage
      • Hardware in the loop simulation
      • Battery & fuel cells
      • Industry standard for high performance testing
      • Enhanced Error Detection & Fault Correction
      • Test faster and more efficiently > Save time & money
      • Regenerative to the grid, reduces energy use and heating
      • More accurately represent real world conditions > More predictive results
      • Two channels for flexibility in testing/simulating multiple devices with a single machine
      • Open source communication protocol allowing easy integration into any test set-up
      • Self-contained cooling system requiring no external cooling system
      • Control Modes: Voltage, Current, Power, Resistance, Voltage with Internal Resistence
      • Updated Look & Feel: Touch Screen HMI & Error messages displayed on screen Camlocks: available with or without
      • Scalable to 1MW of testing capability: Parallel up to four 900 EX systems to test even the biggest loads. No external controller needed.
      • Intuitive interface for manual control and enhanced diagnostics: Touchscreen interface. Descriptive error messages for simple troubleshooting and recovery.
      • Wide variety of control modes: Voltage, Current, Power, Resistance, or Voltage w/ Internal Resistance (Emulation).
      • Industry-leading performance: Download the data sheet or get in touch for more details.

    Power Cycling and Measurement Solutions

    900: Heavy Duty Dual Channel Cycling Station

    The 900 is Webasto's heavy duty test solution. With greater voltage, current, and power capability, this system is ideal for testing and emulating energy storage and drivetrain components of large electric and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), such as buses, trucks and military vehicles. The 900 is deployed worldwide to support the development of fuel cell buses, hybrid locomotives and other HEVs. All Webasto units are equipped with a real-time clock on the system’s control board that enables measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.

    Key features

    ABC-600: High Voltage Dual Channel Cycling Station

    The ABC-600 is a high voltage cycling station that was originally developed to meet specific customer requirements. This system is ideal for testing hybrid vehicles and high voltage drivetrains, motors and energy storage devices. The ABC-600 offers power up to 150kW, with a voltage range of 8 to 600VDC and a current range of ±600ADC.

    Key features

    ABC-170 / 170 CE: Dual Channel Cycling Station with Extended Sink Power

    The ABC-170 / 170 CE* power processing system is used to meet fuel cell testing and sinking power needs. Originally developed for fuel cell testing applications and for systems that require additional sinking power, Webasto Charging Systems, Inc. customers have also used this versatile machine to cycle hybrids and batteries.

    The ABC-170 offers power from +125kW to - 170kW, with a voltage range of 8 to 445 VDC and a current range of +530ADC to - 640ADC.

    Key features

    *The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives. In an effort to better serve our European customers, Webasto Charging Systems, Inc. has gone through the CE certification process and has received the CE mark on selected versions of our test equipment.

    ABC-150: Dual Channel Cycling Station

    The ABC-150 was originally developed to support the design and development of the drivetrain and subsystems of the GM Impact, the first modern electric car. All Webasto power cycling systems are equipped with a real-time clock on the system’s control board that enables measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.

    The ABC-150 offers power up to 125kW, with a voltage range of 8 to 445VDC and a current range of ±530ADC. The ABC-150 is now the worldwide standard for the testing of advanced batteries, fuel cells, capacitors and other alternative energy technologies in the automotive, aerospace, stationary power and defense industries.

    Key features

    MT-30: Dual Channel Cycling Station for Modules

    The MT-30 is ideal for testing smaller applications such as battery modules, fuel stacks, partial modules and smaller components. This system provides an economical solution for a variety of testing needs while occupying a small footprint in the laboratory. All Webasto Charging Systems, Inc. power cycling systems are equipped with a real-time clock on the system’s control board that enables measurement of Ah and kWh during cycling.

    Key features

    Key Features

    • 99% Power Factor
    • Energy Returned to the Grid at 92+% Efficiency
    • Dual Independently Controlled Channels
    • Analog Control Signal
    • Automatic Shutdown on Loss of Power (Anti-Islanding)
    • Independent Channel Interlock
    • Load Disconnect Protection (camlock model only)
    • Easy Front Panel Connections

    • Emergency Stop Button
    • Flexible DC Supply or Load Capabilities
    • Fully Programmable Computer Control
    • Multiple Control Interfaces/Options: Manual, Remote Operating
    • System (ROS) Software, LabView, CAN and 3rd Party Control Software
    • Remote Voltage Sense
    • Bi-Directional Load Capability

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